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    When you walk through the door at Soulga Yoga & Healing Center, any stress you carry will almost instantly melt away. The studio is designed to make you feel peaceful and relaxed and to help eliminate the noise we deal with in the outside world. Our aim is for our practitioners to feel welcome, relaxed and safe in their yoga and meditation practice.

    Our mission statement for the studio is: there is no judgement in the room. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was no judgement outside the room too! Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or seasoned yogi, perhaps are dealing with something in life, everyone in the room is encouraged to focus on themselves and their own path in life.

    Here you will begin the journey towards truly loving yourself. Remember, we are all on a different path in life, some people may have injuries, some people may be dealing with stuff. Every class begins with a reminder that there is no judgement in the room!

    So often in life, we focus our attention and effort on others. When you step into the Soulga Yoga and Healing Center, it is YOUR TIME. We encourage our participants to take some time out to focus on themselves and their dreams and goals, and to move toward a happier, healthier YOU, by spending time bringing together your own body, mind and spirit.