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    If you feel nervous, scared or a little intimidated, no worries, many people feel that way initially. Bikram designed this class for beginners, so know that with a little practice and experience, you’ll quickly feel right at home.

    I’m new to yoga, is it for beginners? 
    Yes!!!  Bikram Yoga is designed for beginners. All levels practice together, and do the same series of postures. Don’t worry if you are not flexible, or strong, or in bad shape, just come in. Everyone is on their own path in life, so wherever your starting point is that’s perfect, we’ll help you progress.

    Surrender yourself to the experience, keep a good attitude throughout and you will ensure a fantastic experience.  It’s not how much you do in the class it’s how you do it that counts.  As Bikram always says,  ”Little by little, just do the best you can, trying the right way.”   Then you will get 100% benefit from your very first class.   Make sure you dress suitably for the hot room and are well-hydrated before you arrive.

    I’m elderly

    One of my teachers at the Bikram Yoga teachers training is 80 years of age, and she started 30 years ago. You are never too old to practice yoga and begin again. As long as you try the right way, to the best of your ability, you will receive 100% benefit.

    I’m not flexible 
    Why not start now! The more you do this type of yoga, the more flexible you will become. The point of Bikram yoga is not how flexible you are, but rather to gain flexibility over time while enjoying yoga’s health benefits.  

    I’m worried about the heat

    In the beginning the temperature will be challenging but once you become more acclimated to the conditions you will be able to work with the heat and tolerate it more easily.  Allow the heat to become your best friend.  It increases circulation and oxygen flow to your muscles, aids in the release of toxins, and promotes flexibility. Before you know it, you’ll be complaining that the room is not hot enough!

    Can children practice Bikram Yoga?
    We warmly welcome children to practice at the studio however we believe that this should be done in the safest way possible. Because a child’s body responds to exertion in a heated environment differently to an adults, we are busy designing classes specifically geared towards children.

    What do I do when I get to the studio?

    • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class
    • Take off your shoes at the door, put your shoes into a cubicle
    • Visit the front desk
      • If you are new to the studio you will be asked to fill out a registration form
      • If you are not a new student, let the teacher at the front desk know:
        • Your first & last name
        • Whether you have injuries
    • Once you have registered for class, proceed to the changerooms & change into your yoga outfit
    • Use the lockers to store your things
    • Take your mat, towel, water & locker key into the studio (no other items are permitted in the studio)
    • Lie down in Savasana with feet facing the back wall & relax
    • There is no talking in the studio