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    Hot Yin yoga is a meditative practice based on ancient Chinese Philosophies and Taoist principles that offers you a chance to turn inward and nurture the calm. This practice helps restore range of motion in the body by holding each posture for a length of time, from 2-10 minutes. This allows the connective tissues to soften, gently stressing the joints and ligaments.

    Hot Yin is done at a safe 30-35 degree temperature, relaxing the mind and encouraging the Prana or Chi (Energy channels in the body) to flow freely, creating a calm and meditative state. Working with the parasympathetic nervous system through deep diaphragmatic (belly) breathing aiding to relieve stress, high blood pressure, sleep, digestion, immune function hormones and more.

    A time to connect to our inner awareness and offering a chance to sit with our emotions. It is not uncommon for different sensations and emotions to arise during a yin practice, holding the pose for a longer duration teaches us how to be patient, gentle and non reactive.

    Cultivating balance in the mind and body while exerting less effort to go deeper into the practice. We all are guilty of not taking the time to slow down, pushing our mind and body to the edge to get to where we need to be. Hot Yin yoga is highly beneficial to regain strength, revitalise muscles and rejuvenate the entire body leaving you feeling stronger and flexible. Complimenting other Yoga practices such as Bikram Yoga, competitive sports, mental activities, injury and more.

    Beginners are most welcome!